Vienna Comic Con
logo illustration
Final Fantasy XVI
(Video Game 2023)
character designer
(TV Series 2022)
logo illustration
Final Fantasy VII Remake
(Video Game 2020)
High Score
image artwork
Final Fantasy XV
(Video Game 2016)
concept graphic
Hua pi 2
image illustrator
Final Fantasy XIII-2
(Video Game 2011)
image illustrator
Fainaru fantajî XIII
(Video Game 2009)
image illustrator
Final Fantasy XII
(Video Game 2006)
original designs: original television series
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
image illustrator
Fainaru fantajî X-2
(Video Game 2003)
image illustrator
Fainaru fantajî X
(Video Game 2001)
image illustrator
Final Fantasy IX
(Video Game 2000)
illustrator: original characters
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
image illustrator
Fainaru fantajî VIII
(Video Game 1999)
New Rose Hotel
image illustrator
Final Fantasy VII
(Video Game 1997)
image designer
Final Fantasy VI
(Video Game 1994)
character designer
Final Fantasy IV
(Video Game 1991)
designer: Guardian
A Wind Named Amnesia
monster design
Lily C.A.T.
character designer
Fainaru fantajî
(Video Game 1987)
character designer
Angel's Egg
original character designer
Vampire Hunter D
character designer
Battle of the Planets
(TV Series 1978-1985)
Messe Wien, Vienna, Austria
Vienna Comic Con
23 - 24 Nov, 2024
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