Edith Sikelo
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Mrs. Lee
The Kid Who Would Be King
Alice Munezero
Black Earth Rising
Miss Penny Farthing
Mary Poppins Returns
Senior Agent Okhile
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams
Capt Magambo / Capt. Magambo
Doctor Who
(TV Series 2005)
Mrs. Newman
Shameless (2004)
Sophie Oyekambi
New Tricks
Dirty Pretty Things
Hesta Mukaka / Hannah Keelan
Holby City
Ailsa Probert
Midsomer Murders
DS Erin Jacobs
Silent Witness
Marsha Chilcot / Susan Blossom
D.C. Wright
(TV Series 1985)
Building Society Manager
The Bill
Noma Dumezweni
(TV Series 1952)
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