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John Baylor
The Company You Keep
(TV Series 2023)
William Bourcier
Margrete: Queen of the North
Detective Tom Hackett
The InBetween
(TV Series 2019)
Magnum P.I.
(TV Series 2018)
Gideon Hask
Star Wars: Battlefront II
(Video Game 2017)
Quentin Lance
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
(Video Game 2016)
Quentin Lance
Legends of Tomorrow
(TV Series 2016)
Quentin Lance
The Flash (2014)
(TV Series 2014)
Emergency Room Doctor
Dumb and Dumber To
Arrow: Year One
Quentin Lance
Arrow: Blood Rush
(TV Mini-Series 2013)
Quentin Lance
(TV Series 2012)
Clark Quietly
The River
(TV Series 2012)
Metallo / Henry Ackerdson
Justice League: Doom
Jack St. Cloud
Necessary Roughness (TV - 2011)
(TV Series 2011-2013)
Christian Harper
The Gates
(TV Series 2010)
Larry Newley
Warehouse 13
(TV Series 2009-2014)
Julian Larssen
White Collar
(TV Series 2009-2014)
Guest #3 / Business Man #2
A Christmas Carol
Tony Kadjic
(TV Series 2008-2012)
Shane Healy
Lipstick Jungle
(TV Series 2008-2009)
Harry Dresden
The Dresden Files
(TV Series 2007)
Thomas O'Neill
Burn Notice
(TV Series 2007-2013)
Terrence Hill
Big Shots
(TV Series 2007-2008)
Jonas Exiler
Henry Stoller / Henry Stoller's Son
(TV Series 2005-2011)
Hearst's man needling Cornishmen
(TV Series 2004-2006)
Tony Enright / Tony Einright
CSI: Miami
(TV Series 2002-2012)
Dr. Polanski
(TV Series 2002-2009)
Captain Andrew Russell
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India
Stephen Saunders
(TV Series 2001-2010)
Tom Laudner
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(TV Series 2000-2015)
Guy Morton
Holby City
(TV Series 1999)
Jonathan Creek
(TV Series 1997-2016)
Dr. Jeremy Lawson
(TV Series 1994-2009)
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