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Captain Bob Wilson
Sharknado 2: The Second One
(TV Movie 2014)
Blaine Riker
Superhero Movie
Dr. T & the Women
Bud Hyde
That '70s Show
(TV Series 1998-2006)
Tony Stark / Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
(TV Series 1996-1998)
Edward Lytener / Luminus
Superman (TV - 1996)
(TV Series 1996-2000)
Los Angeles Mayor Stone Taylor
Spin City
(TV Series 1996-2002)
Dr. Peter Halstead
The Outer Limits
(TV Series 1995-2002)
Mitch McCullum
Raw Justice
Tony Stark / Iron Man / Living Laser / ...
Iron Man
(TV Series 1994-1996)
Tony Stark / Iron Man
Spider-Man (TV - 1994)
(TV Series 1994-1998)
Scott Walden
Touched by an Angel
(TV Series 1994-2003)
Robert Hays
The Larry Sanders Show
(TV Series 1992-1998)
Robert Hays
She's Having a Baby
Johnny Norris
Cat's Eye
Ted Striker
Airplane II: The Sequel
Ted Striker
Sam Bradley
The Love Boat
(TV Series 1977-1987)
Laverne & Shirley
(TV Series 1976-1983)
Cpl. Jim Ames
Wonder Woman
(TV Series 1975-1979)
Robert Hays
Saturday Night Live
(TV Series 1975)
Darren Weeks
The Rockford Files
The Streets of San Francisco
Michael Narak
Officer Hanson / Officer Gilpin
Marcus Welby, M.D.
Robert Hays
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
Robert Hays
(TV Series 1952)
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