Blood Diary Area - German Comic Con – Dortmund
Cornwall & Area Pop Event - CAPE
James Gordon
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
Captain Hayes
Boys of Abu Ghraib
Tom Patton
Love at the Christmas Table
(TV Movie 2012)
Michael Buchanan
The Event
(TV Series 2010-2011)
Scott Patterson
The Talk
(TV Series 2010)
Agent Peter Strahm
Saw VI
Finnigan 'Finn' Court
(TV Series 2008-2013)
Agent Strahm
Saw V
Her Best Move
Agent Peter Strahm
Saw IV
Gary Tolchuck
Aliens in America
(TV Series 2007-2008)
Agent King Faraday / Franco Bertinelli
Justice League Unlimited
Brendon Dwyer
CSI: Miami
(TV Series 2002-2012)
Luke Danes
Gilmore Girls
(TV Series 2000-2007)
Donald Dorio
Will & Grace
Dan Manville
Scott's Father
Three Wishes
Blank Check
Mike McGrevey
Little Big League
Ahpossno / Norman Conquest
Alien Nation: Dark Horizon
(TV Movie 1994)
Chick Chandler
Silk Stalkings
(TV Series 1989-1998)
Scott Patterson
Entertainment Tonight
Scott Patterson
(TV Series 1952)
Westfalenhallen, Dortmund, Germany
Blood Diary Area - German Comic Con – Dortmund
5 - 6 Dec, 2020
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Cornwall ON Canada
Cornwall & Area Pop Event - CAPE
24 - 25 Apr, 2021
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