Corpus Christi Comic Con
GalaxyCon Raleigh
Ep-ix & Chill
James Gordon
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
Luke Danes
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
(TV Mini-Series 2016)
Captain Hayes
Boys of Abu Ghraib
Scott Patterson
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
(TV Series 2014)
Love at the Christmas Table
(TV Movie 2012)
Michael Buchanan
The Event
(TV Series 2010-2011)
Scott Patterson
The Talk
(TV Series 2010)
Agent Peter Strahm
Saw VI
Agent Strahm
Saw V
Finnigan 'Finn' Court
(TV Series 2008-2013)
Her Best Move
Gary Tolchuck
Aliens in America
(TV Series 2007-2008)
Agent Peter Strahm
Saw IV
Scott Patterson
Rachael Ray
(TV Series 2006)
Agent King Faraday / Franco Bertinelli
Justice League Unlimited
(TV Series 2004-2006)
Brendon Dwyer
CSI: Miami
(TV Series 2002-2012)
Luke Danes
Gilmore Girls
(TV Series 2000-2007)
Donald Dorio
Will & Grace
(TV Series 1998-2018)
Detective Tom Swain
Vengeance Unlimited
(TV Series 1998-1999)
Scott Patterson
Hollywood Squares
(TV Series 1998-2004)
Dan Manville
(TV Series 1996-2002)
Scott's Father
Three Wishes
Blank Check
Mike McGrevey
Little Big League
Ahpossno / Norman Conquest
Alien Nation: Dark Horizon
(TV Movie 1994)
Chick Chandler
Silk Stalkings
(TV Series 1991-1999)
(TV Series 1989-1998)
Scott Patterson
Entertainment Tonight
(TV Series 1981)
Scott Patterson
(TV Series 1952)
American Bank Center Corpus Christi, TX
Corpus Christi Comic Con
15 - 17 Jul, 2022
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Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, NC
GalaxyCon Raleigh
28 - 31 Jul, 2022
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Mount Pleasant South Carolina USA
Ep-ix & Chill
20 - 21 Aug, 2022
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