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The Binding
Principal Yancy
Girl Meets World
(TV Series 2014-2017)
Santa Sam
A Christmas Wedding Date
(TV Movie 2012)
Director #1
The Artist
Shake It Up!
(TV Series 2010-2013)
The Suite Life on Deck
(TV Series 2008-2011)
Harvey Cross / Harvey Cross - 'A Golf Story'
On the Lot
(TV Series 2007)
Miss Castaway and the Island Girls
(TV Movie 2004)
Judge Gilbert Potts
Boston Legal
(TV Series 2004-2008)
Commander Edward Plank
Zenon: Z3
(TV Series 2004)
Desperate Housewives
(TV Series 2004-2012)
Mr. Grozowtski / Mr. Grabinsky
That's So Raven
(TV Series 2003-2007)
Lilo & Stitch: The Series
(TV Series 2003-2006)
Mr. Victim
Now You Know
Commander Edward Plank
Zenon: The Zequel
(TV Series 2001)
Dr. Tanner / Dr. Donald Tannor
The Zeta Project
(TV Series 2001-2003)
Malcolm in the Middle
(TV Series 2000-2006)
Ben Heineman
Curb Your Enthusiasm
(TV Series 2000)
Mr. Bowers / Math Teacher
As Told by Ginger
(TV Series 2000-2006)
Key Negotiator
Batman Beyond
(TV Series 1999-2001)
Key Negotiator
Batman Beyond: The Movie
(TV Series 1999)
Commander Edward Plank
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
(TV Series 1999)
Bill Rothstein
(TV Series 1999-2000)
Milo Sanders
Godzilla: The Series
(TV Series 1998-2001)
Hercules (TV - 1998)
(TV Series 1998-1999)
James Riley
Babylon 5: The River of Souls
(TV Movie 1998)
Mr. Handy
Ally McBeal
(TV Series 1997-2002)
Mr. Gottlieb / Rabbi Mutchnik
Dharma & Greg
(TV Series 1997-2002)
Veronica's Closet
(TV Series 1997-2000)
Gordon Szalinski
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves!
Smoker in Fur Coat
That Darn Cat
Destructo / Mailman
The Angry Beavers
(TV Series 1997-2001)
Andy Bevins
Suddenly Susan
(TV Series 1996-2000)
Doctor Cardy
Superman (TV - 1996)
(TV Series 1996-2000)
Big Bully
Green I Monster of Jealousy
Quack Pack
(TV Series 1996-1997)
Alan Mordecai
The Mask (TV - 1995)
(TV Series 1995-1997)
Flannagan / Mr. Flanagan / Radio Announcer / ...
Life with Louie
(TV Series 1995-1998)
Perenti Lizard / Father Penguin
Sergeant / Mailman / Duck Walla
Cow and Chicken
(TV Series 1995-1999)
Brother Timothy
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale
Society Photographer
I Love Trouble
Clancy / News Anchor
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
(TV Series 1994-1997)
Sultan Pasta Al-Dente
Aladdin (TV - 1994)
(TV Series 1994-1995)
Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man
(TV Series 1994-1997)
Insp. Pete Putrid
The Silence of the Hams
Mammoth Mammoth / Pops Klock
(TV Series 1993-1994)
Stanley Chamberlain
Walker, Texas Ranger
(TV Series 1993-2001)
(TV Series 1993-1998)
Condiment King
Batman: The Animated Series
(TV Series 1992-1995)
Mr. Feemster
The Vagrant
Mr. Brodsky
Mad About You
(TV Series 1992-1999)
Life Stinks
Mr. James
Mannequin: On the Move
(TV Series 1991-1996)
Mike Amador
The Commish
(TV Series 1991-1995)
Earl Sinclair
(TV Series 1991-1994)
Dr. Denton / Mudflap
Darkwing Duck
(TV Series 1991-1992)
Sheriff Parsons
Honest Bob
Family Matters
(TV Series 1989-1998)
Preston Pickett Ph.D.
Second Sight
Fatal Attraction
Lucas Death / Garry's Brain
It's Garry Shandling's Show.
(TV Series 1986-1990)
Mr. Hodgkins
The Dirt Bike Kid
Jacques De Courville
The Golden Girls
(TV Series 1985-1992)
Counterfeiter / Labbo
The New Mike Hammer
(TV Series 1984-1989)
Alex Cummings
Three's a Crowd
(TV Series 1984-1985)
Mr. Shoope / Doctor Adelman / Dr. Charles Melnick
Night Court
(TV Series 1984-1992)
Doug Shaffer
Who's the Boss?
(TV Series 1984-1992)
Teller in red jacket
Scarecrow and Mrs. King
(TV Series 1983-1987)
Happy Burke
(TV Series 1982-1987)
Family Ties
(TV Series 1982-1989)
Farley Ward / Minister
Matt Houston
(TV Series 1982-1985)
Nicky LaBelle
An Eye for an Eye
Jace Sampson
Falcon Crest
(TV Series 1981-1990)
Sam Tate
Hangar 18
Jerry Wilson
It's a Living
(TV Series 1980-1989)
Dudley Laywicker
The Hollywood Knights
Benny Appleman
Knots Landing
(TV Series 1979-1993)
August Havermeyer / Havermeyer
Trapper John, M.D.
(TV Series 1979-1986)
Scavenger Hunt
The Plumber
(TV Series 1979-1986)
Harvey Krepler / Mushroom
B.J. and the Bear
(TV Series 1978-1981)
Louis Lincoln
(TV Series 1977-1983)
Party Guest
Next Stop, Greenwich Village
Alex Fleischer / Anthony Moreau / Donald
Barney Miller
(TV Series 1974-1982)
Rob Preston
Days of Our Lives
(TV Series 1965)
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