The Official Star Trek 2020 Convention
art department
Space Force
For All Mankind
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II
(TV Series 2004)
art department
Star Trek: Enterprise
(TV Series 2001-2005)
art department
Star Trek: Insurrection
art department
Star Trek: Voyager
(TV Series 1995-2001)
art department
Star Trek: Generations
art department
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
(TV Series 1993-1999)
art department
The Flash (TV-1990)
(TV Series 1990-1991)
Enterprise Crew Member on Rec Deck
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
visual effects
Star Trek (1966)
(TV Series 1966-1969)
Caesars Forum Conference Center LAS VEGAS NV
The Official Star Trek 2020 Convention
9 - 13 Dec, 2020
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