Shore Leave
Star Trek: 58-Year Mission Las Vegas
Ancient City Con
Woman on Street
The Sex Monster
Judy Calloway
7th Heaven
(TV Series 1996-2007)
Santa with Muscles
Andrea Wilkins
Space: Above and Beyond
(TV Series 1995-1996)
Ambassador Kalika
Babylon 5
(TV Series 1994-1998)
Diane Shaw
Herman's Head
(TV Series 1991-1994)
Doctor St. Claire
Dream On
(TV Series 1990-1996)
(TV Series 1987)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
(TV Series 1987-1994)
Lt. Saavik
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Ginger Brock
The Equalizer
(TV Series 1985-1989)
Kate Connelly
(TV Series 1985-1992)
Dr. Judith Malloy
Night Court
(TV Series 1984-1992)
Rosemary Tynan
Murder, She Wrote
(TV Series 1984-1996)
Peggy Ryan
The New Mike Hammer
(TV Series 1984-1989)
Alice Trask Babcock
Scarecrow and Mrs. King
(TV Series 1983-1987)
Nicole Turner
Knight Rider
(TV Series 1982-1986)
Rea Dedham
Ghost Story
Carol Pulaski
General Hospital
(TV Series 1963)
Rio Suites Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Star Trek: 58-Year Mission Las Vegas
1 - 4 Aug, 2024
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World Golf Village Renaissance St Augustine Resort St Augustine FL
Ancient City Con
13 - 15 Sep, 2024
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Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Center Lancaster PA
Shore Leave
26 - 28 Jul, 2024
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