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Metal Lords
Big Show
Undertaker: The Last Ride
Big Show
The Big Show Show
Big Show
Mr. Iglesias
(TV Series 2019)
Paul Wight / Captain Insano
All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite
(TV Series 2019)
Fast & Furious Spy Racers
(TV Series 2019)
Big Show
Fighting with My Family
Big Pink
(TV Series 2017)
The Big Show
WrestleMania 32
The Big Show
Van Helsing
(TV Series 2016)
The Big Show
(TV Movie 2015)
Victor Abbott
Self - Guest
Lip Sync Battle
(TV Series 2015)
The Big Show
WrestleMania XXX
(TV Movie 2014)
Self - 'Phone Booth' Participant
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
(TV Series 2014)
The Big Show
WrestleMania 29
The Big Show
WrestleMania XXVIII
(TV Movie 2012)
The Big Show
WrestleMania XXVII
Two Ton Harley
Supah Ninjas
(TV Series 2011-2013)
The Big Show
WrestleMania XXVI
The Big Show
(TV Series 2010)
Brick Hughes
Walter Krunk
Self - Guest
(TV Series 2010)
Donald Green / The Garbage Collector
Royal Pains
(TV Series 2009-2016)
Paul Wight
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
(TV Series 2009)
The Big Show
The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania
(TV Movie 2009)
The Big Show
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
(TV Series 2009-2010)
The Big Show
WrestleMania XXIV
(TV Movie 2008)
Griffin Black
Burn Notice
(TV Series 2007-2013)
The Big Show
WrestleMania 22
(TV Movie 2006)
Big Show / The Big Show
ECW on Sci-Fi
(TV Series 2006-2010)
Big Ed Dixon
(TV Series 2006-2014)
The Big Show
WrestleMania 21
(TV Movie 2005)
The Big Show
WrestleMania XX
(TV Movie 2004)
The Big Show
WrestleMania XIX
(TV Movie 2003)
Paul Wight
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
(TV Series 2003-2012)
Big Show
WrestleMania X8
The Big Show
WrestleMania X-Seven
One on One
(TV Series 2001-2006)
Orion Slaver #1
Star Trek: Enterprise
(TV Series 2001-2005)
Paul Wight
Weakest Link
(TV Series 2001-2003)
The Big Show
WrestleMania 2000
'The Big Show' Paul Wight
WrestleMania XV
The Big Show / Big Show
WWE Smackdown!
(TV Series 1999)
Paul Wight
TV total
(TV Series 1999)
Self - Panelist
Hollywood Squares
(TV Series 1998-2004)
Captain Insano
The Waterboy
Paul Wight
Figure It Out
(TV Series 1997-2013)
Huge Santa
Jingle All the Way
Paul Wight
(TV Series 1995-2016)
The Giant / The Giant - NWO Hollywood / The Giant - The Dungeon of Doom
WCW Monday Nitro
(TV Series 1995-2001)
The Big Show / 'The Big Show' Paul Wight / Paul Wight / ...
(TV Series 1993)
Self - Guest / Self
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
(TV Series 1993-2009)
Self - At WrestleMania
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
(TV Series 1992-2014)
Paul Wight
Larry King Live
(TV Series 1985-2010)
The Big Show
Entertainment Tonight
(TV Series 1981)
Paul Wight
Saturday Night Live
(TV Series 1975)
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