Contropolis Massachusetts
Mississippi Comic Con
The Godfather
Undertaker: The Last Ride
Self - The Godfather / Self / Self - Professional Wrestler
Dark Side of the Ring
The Godfather
WrestleMania 32
Papa Shango
The Rise & Fall of ECW
The Godfather
WrestleMania X8
The Goodfather
WrestleMania X-Seven
The Godfather
WrestleMania 2000
The Goodfather / The Godfather
WWE Smackdown!
(TV Series 1999)
Kama Mustafa
WrestleMania XIV
The Godfather / Kama Mustafa / The Goodfather / ...
(TV Series 1993)
Self - Contestant
Family Feud
(TV Series 1988-1995)
Mississippi Trademart Center, Jackson, MS
Mississippi Comic Con
22 - 23 Jun, 2024
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Royal Plaza Trade Center Marlborough MA
Contropolis Massachusetts
14 - 16 Jun, 2024
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