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Denys Porlock
3 Body Problem
(TV Series 2024)
Rain Dogs
(TV Series 2023)
Sir Roger Hollis
A Spy Among Friends
Captain Peevey
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
(Video Game 2022)
The Pact
John Boback
Back to Life
(TV Series 2019)
Max Dennis
Summer of Rockets
Gideon Charles / Gideon
Save Me
(TV Series 2018)
Captain Peavey
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Supt. Cliff Walker
(TV Series 2017)
David Hilbert
(TV Series 2017)
Count Ilya Rostov
War & Peace
(TV Mini-Series 2016)
Peter Elliot
(TV Mini-Series 2016)
Upstart Crow
(TV Series 2016)
ACC Warner
(TV Series 2014)
Tom Tiernan
Charles Crabtree
Death in Paradise
(TV Series 2011)
James McKitterick
Strike Back
(TV Series 2010-2017)
Henry Austen
Miss Austen Regrets
(TV Series 2008)
Self - Guest
The Graham Norton Show
(TV Series 2007)
Adrian Edmondson
Would I Lie to You?
(TV Series 2007)
Adrian Edmondson
Spicks and Specks
Self - Contestant
Hell's Kitchen
(TV Series 2004-2009)
Terkel i knibe
Adrian Edmondson
Top Gear
(TV Series 2002)
Percy 'Abra' Durant
Holby City
(TV Series 1999)
Adrian Edmondson
Loose Women
(TV Series 1999)
Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba
Guest House Paradiso
Edward Hitler
Bottom Live 3: Hooligan's Island
Brendan Baxter
Jonathan Creek
(TV Series 1997-2016)
Hugo Welles
Midsomer Murders
(TV Series 1997)
Edward Hitler
Bottom Live
Absolutely Fabulous
(TV Series 1992-2012)
The Big Breakfast
(TV Series 1992-2002)
(TV Series 1991-1995)
Father Rookie
The Pope Must Diet
Baron von Richthoven
Blackadder Goes Forth
(TV Series 1989)
Simon Knowles
Press Gang
(TV Series 1989-1993)
Edward Catflap
Filthy Rich & Catflap
(TV Series 1987)
Eat the Rich
James Macaroon / Tim Goodchance / John
French and Saunders
(TV Series 1987)
Alun Pickersgill
Screen Two Persuasion
(TV Series 1985)
Phil Burke
Screen One Hostile Waters
(TV Series 1985)
Daniel Cook
(TV Series 1985)
Harold Angryperson
Spitting Image
(TV Series 1984-1996)
Vyvyan / Randy the Cowpoke / Alien Spotter
The Young Ones
(TV Series 1982-1984)
Billy / Dick / Vim Fuego / ...
The Comic Strip Presents...
(TV Series 1982)
Adrian Edmondson
Top of the Pops
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