adr loop group
Pokémon Detective Pikachu
(Role TBD)
(Role TBD)
The Barn
The Monster / Award Show Announcer / Narrator / ...
Man Seeking Woman
Dark Elves
Narrator / Epic Voice Guy / Voiceover Narration
Honest Trailers
Movie Plot Narrator
Good Mythical Morning
(TV Series 2012)
(Role TBD)
Everything Wrong with...
The Caller
(Role TBD)
Assassination Games
Narrator / Introduction Narrator
The Screen Junkies Show
(Role TBD)
The Annoying Orange
Honest Trailers Guy / Transformer Guy
Nostalgia Critic
(TV Series 2007)
Epic Voice Intro
(TV Series 2005)
(Role TBD)
How It Should Have Ended
(TV Series 2005)
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