(Role TBD)
(Role TBD)
Reach Me
(Role TBD)
(Role TBD)
Power Rangers Megaforce
(Role TBD)
Power Rangers Samurai
(TV Series 2011-2012)
background casting / local casting
A Day Without a Mexican
(Role TBD)
Dorm Daze
(Role TBD)
Power Rangers Wild Force
(TV Series 2002-2003)
(Role TBD)
Power Rangers Time Force
(TV Series 2001)
(Role TBD)
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
(TV Series 2000-2001)
(Role TBD)
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
(TV Series 1999-2000)
(Role TBD)
In Dreams
(Role TBD)
Power Rangers in Space
(TV Series 1998-1999)
assistant production coordinator: Cincinnati
The Mighty
(Role TBD)
Forest Warrior
atmosphere casting
Top Dog
(Role TBD)
America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back
(TV Series 1988-2012)
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