(Role TBD)
Harley Quinn
Batman Ninja
special thanks
The LEGO Batman Movie
(Role TBD)
Justice League Action
(Role TBD)
Beware the Batman
(Role TBD)
(TV Series 2012)
character: Bane
The Dark Knight Rises
creator: Bane
Young Justice
(TV Series 2010)
(Role TBD)
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
(TV Series 2008-2011)
(Role TBD)
Birds of Prey
(TV Series 2002-2003)
(Role TBD)
Batman Beyond
(TV Series 1999-2001)
character: Bane
Batman & Robin
(Role TBD)
The New Batman Adventures
(TV Series 1997-1999)
(Role TBD)
Superman (TV - 1996)
(TV Series 1996-2000)
(Role TBD)
Batman: The Animated Series
(TV Series 1992-1995)
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