London Film & Comic Con
Gateway - A Salute to Stargate
Ephraim Bowles
All Rise
Max Rainwater
Bad Kids of Crestview Academy
Sovereign Admiral
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
George Tildon
Outlaws and Angels
The Male Player
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
(Video Game 2015)
Ted Gaynor
(TV Series 2012)
Bad Kids Go to Hell
(TV Series 2007-2012)
Doctor Who
(TV Series 2005)
Police Chief Steve Gaines
Criminal Minds
(TV Series 2005)
Bat Lash / Bartholomew Aloysius Lash
Justice League Unlimited
Danny Maxwell
CSI: Miami
(TV Series 2002-2012)
Randy Pruitt
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
John Crichton / Future Crichton / Past Crichton / ...
(TV Series 1999-2003)
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Stargate SG-1
(TV Series 1997-2007)
Sam Brody
Party of Five
Grace Under Fire
(TV Series 1993-1998)
Adam Travell
Melrose Place
Tommy Roussell
A Kiss Before Dying
Rookie Captain
Memphis Belle
Ollie Rudman
Murder, She Wrote
Westin O'Hare Hotel, Rosemont, Illinois, USA
Gateway - A Salute to Stargate
25 - 27 Jun, 2021
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Olympia, London, England
London Film & Comic Con
20 - 21 Nov, 2020
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