One Day at a Time
(TV Series 2017)
Principal Milder / Additonal Voices / Additional Voices
Milo Murphy's Law
(TV Series 2016)
Mrs. Richards
Suburban Gothic
She Made Them Do It
(TV Series 2013)
Barbara Denning
Orange Is the New Black
(TV Series 2013)
Hot in Cleveland
(TV Series 2010-2015)
Mackenzie Phillips
The Dr. Oz Show
(TV Series 2009)
Self - Rehab Patient / Self
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
(TV Series 2008)
Additional Voices
Phineas and Ferb
(TV Series 2007-2015)
Mackenzie Phillips
Rachael Ray
(TV Series 2006)
Ellen Russel
Criminal Minds
(TV Series 2005)
Nurse Harding
The Jacket
Self - Restaurant Patron
Hell's Kitchen
(TV Series 2005)
Self - Actress
Mayor of the Sunset Strip
Sheila Swett
Cold Case
(TV Series 2003-2010)
Theresa Caldwell
Without a Trace
(TV Series 2002-2009)
Mary Burge
Double Teamed
(TV Series 2002)
Mackenzie Phillips
Weakest Link
(TV Series 2001-2003)
Elaine Stahler
Crossing Jordan
(TV Series 2001-2007)
Molly Phillips
So Weird
(TV Series 1999-2001)
Self - Panelist
Hollywood Squares
(TV Series 1998-2004)
Allison Davies
7th Heaven
(TV Series 1996-2007)
Self / Co-Host
E! True Hollywood Story
(TV Series 1996)
Donna Spadaro
Caroline in the City
(TV Series 1995-1999)
Boo Weston
The Outer Limits
(TV Series 1995-2002)
Valerie Boyd
Chicago Hope
(TV Series 1994-2000)
Heidi Rosen
(TV Series 1994-1999)
Leslie Miller
(TV Series 1994-2009)
Mackenzie Phillips
Howard Stern
(TV Series 1994-2005)
Lorraine Stuval / Mary Donaldson
(TV Series 1993-2005)
Ellen Simms
Walker, Texas Ranger
(TV Series 1993-2001)
Maureen Dodd
Melrose Place
(TV Series 1992-1999)
Counselor Ellen Marks
Beverly Hills, 90210
(TV Series 1990-2000)
Mackenzie Phillips
(TV Series 1987)
Mackenzie Phillips
The Oprah Winfrey Show
(TV Series 1986-2011)
Mackenzie Phillips
Larry King Live
(TV Series 1985-2010)
Carol Needom
Murder, She Wrote
(TV Series 1984-1996)
Self / Self - The Love Boat
Entertainment Tonight
(TV Series 1981)
Carol / Rainbow
More American Graffiti
Lisa Swan
The Incredible Hulk (TV - 1978)
(TV Series 1978-1982)
Rachel Johnson / Allison Scott
The Love Boat
(TV Series 1977-1987)
Mackenzie Phillips
Good Morning America
(TV Series 1975)
(TV Series 1975-1978)
Julie Cooper / Julie Cooper Horvath
One Day at a Time
(TV Series 1975-1984)
Go Ask Alice
(TV Movie 1973)
American Graffiti
Mary Tyler Moore
(TV Series 1970-1977)
Mackenzie Phillips
(TV Series 1952)
Rachel Sullivan
Guiding Light
(TV Series 1952-2009)
Pensacola Bay Center, Pensacola, FL
23 - 25 Feb, 2024
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