Reverend Jonathan Hawthorne
The Lords of Salem
Dr. Hopkins
Everett Marshall
Saving Grace
(TV Series 2007-2010)
Angry Man
The Dukes of Hazzard
Sheriff Cabot
Daltry Calhoun
Sam Wolfson
Boston Legal
(TV Series 2004-2008)
Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnett
Gods and Generals
Sheriff Holt
Sweet Home Alabama
Rogers Brackett
James Dean
(TV Movie 2001)
Ed Kimmel
Six Feet Under
(TV Series 2001-2005)
Rodger Stokes
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
MIB #1
The Shadow Men
Carlos Jordan
Baywatch Nights
(TV Series 1995-1997)
Adm. Linden Miles
(TV Series 1995-2005)
Wayne Donnelly / Wyatt Donnelly
Weird Science
Legate Turrel
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
(TV Series 1993-1999)
Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnett
Thaddeus Birch
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Tim Kingston
Walker, Texas Ranger
Dr. Tucker
Melrose Place
Conrad Malone
Silk Stalkings
Rex Huston
Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Professor Charles Windom / Agent Stears
Freddy's Nightmares
(TV Series 1988-1990)
Richard Pooley
In the Heat of the Night
Administrator Suna
Star Trek: The Next Generation
(TV Series 1987-1994)
Psycho Dad
Married with Children
(TV Series 1987-1997)
Gil Briscoe
(TV Series 1986-1995)
Harry Fontana
Gil Blocker / Roscoe / Victor Salyer / ...
Murder, She Wrote
Father Tom
Amityville II: The Possession
Ed Clarke
The Fall Guy
Russell Robinson
Hart to Hart
(TV Series 1979-1984)
Dr. Aubrey 'Neil' Neilson
Trapper John, M.D.
Harrison Van Buren, III
Prof. Raymond Guy
The Evil
Andrew Prine
(TV Series 1977-1983)
Deputy Norman Ramsey
The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Dr. Billy Cole
The Bionic Woman
Alex Kale
Quincy M.E.
(TV Series 1976-1983)
Don Stober
Luther Stark
Riding with Death
(TV Movie 1976)
Fiona's Husband
Rooster Cogburn
Tommy Bishop / Andy
Professor Kaufman
One Day at a Time
(TV Series 1975-1984)
Prof. C. Evan Spate
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Shine Stanfield / Jim Howard / Jim Hague
Barnaby Jones
Tom Wardlow
Kung Fu
Coy / Paul Whitney
Alex McSween
Dr. Hal 'Speed' Gould
The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Biff Harrison
Love, American Style
Pvt. Theodore Ransom
The Devil's Brigade
Deputy Sheriff Roscoe Bookbinder
Richard Chadway / Wally Hatch
Hawaii Five-O
Ernie Norton
Vern Corbett
The Invaders
Lt. Sibley
Texas Across the River
Amos Fargo
Daniel Boone
Neil Hollis / Ray Kimble
The Fugitive
Lt. William Benton
Tobe Larkin / Chuck Larson / Brett Benton / ...
The Virginian
(TV Series 1962-1971)
James Keller
The Miracle Worker
Young Lou
Walter Bird
One Step Beyond
George Whitman
(TV Series 1959-1973)
Bobby Olson / Billy Lamport
Have Gun - Will Travel
Eric Camden / Felix Colton
Wagon Train
Elmo Sippy / Clay / Billy Joe Arlen
(TV Series 1955-1975)
Aaron Menefee
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
(TV Series 1955-1962)
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