London City Comic Con
Wales Comic Con: Telford Takeover (1 new)
Em-Con Nottingham
Saving Santa
Chris Barrie
Top Gear
(TV Series 2002)
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Lionel Poulter
Midsomer Murders
(TV Series 1997)
Are You Being Served? Again!
(TV Series 1992-1993)
Gordon Brittas / Brittas / Vlad
The Brittas Empire
(TV Series 1991-1997)
Rimmer / Ace Rimmer / Unspeakable One / ...
Red Dwarf
(TV Series 1988)
The Director
Filthy Rich & Catflap
(TV Series 1987)
Various Characters
The New Statesman
(TV Series 1987-1992)
Ambassador - a Fearsome Revolutionary
Black Adder the Third
(TV Series 1987)
Neil Kinnock / Ronald Reagan / Michael Heseltine / ...
Spitting Image
(TV Series 1984-1996)
Alas Smith & Jones
(TV Series 1984-1998)
Captain / Rat
The Young Ones
(TV Series 1982-1984)
Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, England
Em-Con Nottingham
10 - 11 Jun, 2023
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The International Centre Saint Quentin Gate Telford UK
Wales Comic Con: Telford Takeover
13 - 14 May, 2023
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Battersea Park London United Kingdom
London City Comic Con
29 - 30 Apr, 2023
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