The Boys - PaleyFest LA
Mark Harmon
The Eighties
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
NCIS: New Orleans
Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport
Certain Prey
(TV Movie 2011)
Mark Harmon
The Talk
(TV Series 2010)
Mark Harmon
The Jay Leno Show
(TV Series 2009-2010)
Weather Girl
The Heartbreak Kid
Mark Harmon
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
President James Foster
Chasing Liberty
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
(TV Series 2003)
(Role TBD)
Freaky Friday
Mark Harmon
Jimmy Kimmel Live!
(TV Series 2003)
Mark Harmon
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
(TV Series 2003)
Bob Markham
The Legend of Tarzan
(TV Series 2001-2003)
Bruce Barkow
Crossfire Trail
(TV Movie 2001)
Boston Public
Agent Simon Donovan
The West Wing
(TV Series 1999-2006)
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Family Guy
(TV Series 1999)
Magazine Reporter
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Mark Harmon
The View
(TV Series 1997)
Mark Harmon
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
Mark Harmon
The Daily Show
(TV Series 1996)
Dominant Male
The Last Supper
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
(TV Series 1995-2005)
Jack Black
Magic in the Water
Mickey Knox in Wayne Gale's Reconstruction
Natural Born Killers
Dr. Jack McNeil
Chicago Hope
Sheriff Johnny Behan
Wyatt Earp
Mark Harmon
Late Show with David Letterman
Mark Harmon
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Mark Harmon
(TV Series 1991)
Taylor Worth
Worth Winning
(Role TBD)
The Presidio
Billy Wyatt
Stealing Home
Mark Harmon
Live with Kelly and Ryan
(TV Series 1988)
Mark Harmon
Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam
(TV Movie 1987)
Freddy Shoop
Summer School
Ted Bundy
The Deliberate Stranger
(TV Movie 1986)
(Role TBD)
Let's Get Harry
Sam Crawford
Dr. Robert Caldwell
St. Elsewhere
(TV Series 1982-1988)
Mark Harmon
Late Night with David Letterman
Mark Harmon
Entertainment Tonight
Larry Simpson
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
Billy Joe Meynert
Comes a Horseman
Doug Bradbury / Rick Tucker
The Love Boat
(TV Series 1977-1987)
Chip Garvey
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
Laverne & Shirley
(TV Series 1976-1983)
Mark Harmon
Saturday Night Live
(TV Series 1975)
Stanski / Paul Donin
Police Woman
Ofcr. Dave Gordon
(TV Series 1972-1979)
Officer Gus Corbin
Mark Harmon
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
Mark Harmon
(TV Series 1952)
Dolby Theatre Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood California
The Boys - PaleyFest LA
15 Mar, 2020
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