Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention
Lewis / Richard / Beauty Pageant Entry #2 / ...
The Simpsons
(TV Series 1989)
Additional Voice
Oliver & Company
Audience member
The Tracey Ullman Show
(TV Series 1987-1990)
40's Singer #1
(TV Series 1978-1981)
Barbara Sue
B.J. and the Bear
(TV Series 1978-1981)
Andrea Chambers
Fantasy Island
(TV Series 1977-1984)
Connie Evans
The Love Boat
(TV Series 1977-1987)
Gloria Bartley
Rich Man, Poor Man
(TV Mini-Series 1976)
Laverne & Shirley
(TV Series 1976-1983)
Chrissy - Frady's Girl
The Parallax View
Jo Ann Harris
Match Game 73
(TV Series 1973-1982)
Ellie Beck / Lisa Murphy / Lorna Pearson
Barnaby Jones
(TV Series 1973-1980)
Connie / Lita Brewer
The Streets of San Francisco
(TV Series 1972-1977)
The Beguiled
Susan Baker
(TV Series 1968-1975)
Sue Fielding / Sally
Mod Squad
(TV Series 1968-1973)
Hawaii Five-O
(TV Series 1968-1980)
Jo-Elle Murphy
Dragnet 1967
(TV Series 1967-1970)
Annie Croswell
The High Chaparral
(TV Series 1967-1971)
Amanda Benson / Mary Ann Travers
The Virginian
(TV Series 1962-1971)
Ellie Wylie
(TV Series 1955-1975)
'Mike' O'Hara IV
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
(TV Series 1954-1991)
Hunt Valley Delta Hotel, Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA
Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention
19 - 21 Aug, 2021
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