Rhode Island Comic Con
Charles Montgomery
Angels in the Snow
(TV Movie 2015)
Jake Russell
The Good Witch's Wonder
(TV Movie 2014)
Jake Russell
The Good Witch's Destiny
(TV Movie 2013)
Jake Russell
The Good Witch's Charm
(TV Movie 2012)
Jake Russell
The Good Witch's Family
(TV Movie 2011)
Seamus 'Sully' Sullivan
A Warrior's Heart
Tim Fleming
A Heartland Christmas Special
(TV Movie 2010)
Jake Russell
The Good Witch's Gift
(TV Movie 2010)
Jake Russell
The Good Witch's Garden
(TV Movie 2009)
Jake Russell
The Good Witch
(TV Movie 2008)
Tim Fleming
(TV Series 2007)
Bill Fawcett
The Pacifier
Tom Harlsburgh
Sex Traffic
(TV Mini-Series 2004)
Ray Green
One Tree Hill
(TV Series 2003-2012)
Mike Muggins
Dr. Jack Murry
A Wrinkle in Time
(TV Series 2003)
Lev Valentine
The Shrink Is In
Able Ladrone
(TV Series 2000-2005)
Dr. David Cameron
Queer as Folk
(TV Series 2000-2005)
Linus McKellen / Mr. Rice
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
(TV Series 1999)
Will & Grace
Captain Turner
The Outer Limits
(TV Series 1995-2002)
Michael Reilly
Touched by an Angel
(TV Series 1994-2003)
Gambit / Remy LeBeau / Remy Lebeau
Spider-Man (TV - 1994)
(TV Series 1994-1998)
Peter Caine
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
(TV Series 1993-1997)
Gambit / Remy LeBeau
X-Men (TV - 1992)
(TV Series 1992-1997)
Det. Sgt. Tom Ryan
Silk Stalkings
(TV Series 1991-1999)
War of the Worlds
(TV Series 1988-1990)
Evan Owen
The Young and the Restless
(TV Series 1973)
Rhode Island Convention Center & Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI
Rhode Island Comic Con
3 - 5 Nov, 2023
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