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Samuel Keifer
Competition Judge
Dance Academy: The Movie
Dr. Keith Simms
John Doe: Vigilante
Neil O'Sullivan
A Place to Call Home
(TV Series 2013)
Dr. Bennett
Battle Ground
(TV Series 2010)
Desmond Swarts
News Anchor #5
Superman Returns
Love My Way
(TV Series 2004)
Hunter Davies
The Secret Life of Us
(TV Series 2001-2006)
Lionel Huxley
The Lost World
(TV Series 1999-2002)
Dr. Simon Byrne / Andy's Father
All Saints
(TV Series 1998-2009)
David Faraday / Rafe Johanssen
Water Rats
(TV Series 1996-2001)
Dr. Geoff Olivetti / Dr. Gavin Pervan / Dr. Philip Grigg
Home and Away
(TV Series 1988)
Dr. Greg Miller / Greg
(TV Series 1979-1986)
Ed Jarvis
Charlie's Angels
(TV Series 1976-1981)
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