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Phoebe / Newswoman
Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie
(TV Movie 2017)
Flamingo Girl #1
The Lion Guard
Missy / Ruby / Cheryl / ...
Mortal Kombat X
(Video Game 2015)
Emily Wong / Hallia / Hermia / ...
Mass Effect 2
(Video Game 2010)
Fainaru fantajî XIII
(Video Game 2009)
Cera / Lydia / Corythosaurus
Saints Row 2
(Video Game 2008)
Emily Wong / Alliance Marine / Asari Attendant / ...
Mass Effect
(Video Game 2007)
Stilwater's Resident
Saints Row
(Video Game 2006)
What About Brian
The Soup
Las Vegas
(TV Series 2003-2008)
Anna Worthington
Codename: Kids Next Door
(TV Series 2002-2008)
Phoebe Heyerdahl
Hey Arnold! The Movie
Brittany Boviak
Lloyd in Space
Girl / Wee Bear / Pig #1
Samurai Jack
Ashley A
Recess: School's Out
Phoebe Heyerdahl / Teenager / Girl
Robot Chicken
(TV Series 2001)
Meryl / Blonde Girl
As Told by Ginger
(TV Series 2000-2006)
Carrie Kelley / 80's Robin
The New Batman Adventures
(TV Series 1997-1999)
Ashley 'Ashley A' Armbruster
(TV Series 1997-2001)
Heather Langley
Ice Cream Man
Young Princess Katherine
(TV Series 1994-1996)
Phoebe Heyerdahl / Pet Shop Girl / Betty / ...
Hey Arnold!
(TV Series 1994-2004)
Rebecca Browner
Touched by an Angel
(TV Series 1994-2003)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
(TV Series 1993-1997)
Melissa / Jennifer
Boy Meets World
(TV Series 1993-2000)
Hocus Pocus
Robyn Starling
Tom and Jerry: The Movie
Weecock / Penny Milfer
Shin Chan
(TV Series 1992)
Crabscout #2 / Additional Voices
The Little Mermaid
(TV Series 1992-1994)
Home Improvement
(TV Series 1991-1999)
Additional Voices
Back to the Future
(TV Series 1991-1993)
Ruthie Teale
(TV Movie 1991)
Bitsy Blight
Captain Planet and the Planeteers
(TV Series 1990-1996)
Maggie Plenn
Doogie Howser, M.D.
Lauren Taylor
(TV Series 1989-2001)
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