Cast & Crew
Kate Mulgrew
Admiral Janeway
Capt. Kathryn Janeway / Captain Jenkins / Shannon O'Donnell
Hologram Janeway / Captain Janeway / Vice Admiral Janeway / ...
Nolan North
Command Ensign with Accelerated Growth and Reverse Aging / Niko / Lars Lundy / ...
U.S.S. Vengeance Bridge Officer
Bill Blair
Armed Guard of Neelix / Jye Assistant Doctor
Starfleet Officer / Vulcan Syrranite / Vulcan Dignitary / ...
Various Aliens / Alien / Four different Aliens / ...
visual effects
No upcoming appearances
Brian Posehn
Queen Pakled / Out-of-Breath Pakled / Pakled Delegate 2
No upcoming appearances
Colm Meaney
Chief Miles O'Brien / Smiley O'Brien / Albert Macklin / ...
Chief Miles O'Brien / Transporter Chief / Security Guard 1 / ...
No upcoming appearances
Emily Coutts
Lt. Keyla Detmer / Keyla Detmer / Lt. Cmdr. Keyla Detmer
No upcoming appearances
Eugene Cordero
Ensign Samanthan Rutherford / Ensign Sam Rutherford / Winger Bingston, Jr. / ...
No upcoming appearances
Jack Quaid
Ensign Brad Boimler / Ensign Bradward Boimler / Mirror Boimler / ...
No upcoming appearances
Kenneth Mitchell
Black Ops Officer 2 / Romulan Guard 1 / Tweerk Captain
Kol / Aurellio / Tenavik / ...
No upcoming appearances
Marc Evan Jackson
Vendome / Simulated Starfleet Officer / Simulated Vendome
No upcoming appearances
Michelle Yeoh
Emperor Philippa Georgiou / Philippa Georgiou / Emperor Georgiou / ...
Lt. Philippa Georgiou
No upcoming appearances
Oyin Oladejo
Lt. Joann Owosekun / Joann Owosekun / Lt. Cmdr. Joann Owosekun
No upcoming appearances
Paul Scheer
Lieutenant Commander Andy Billups / Billups / Groundskeeper / ...
No upcoming appearances
Raven Dauda
Dr. Tracy Pollard / Cmdr. Tracy Pollard, M.D. / Dr. Pollard
No upcoming appearances
Ronnie Rowe
Lt. R.A. Bryce / Lt. Cmdr. R.A. Bryce / Bryce / ...
No upcoming appearances
Vanessa Marshall
Lieutenant Ottessa Warren / U.S.S. Merced Science Officer
No upcoming appearances
Vaughn Armstrong
Adm. Maxwell Forrest / Kreetassan Captain / Capt. Maximilian Forrest / ...
Cmdr. Korris
Korath / Alpha-Hirogen / Vidiian Captain / ...
Seskal / Gul Danar
No upcoming appearances
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